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Website Design & Development

As a certified top-ranking website developer, I specialize in designing and coding amazing websites using the Wix and Editor X platforms. With unlimited revisions offered on all services, I am here to
get the job done right.

Wix Website Design

Website Design

  • Create Classic Websites

  • Create Advanced Websites

  • Redesign Existing Sites

  • Migrate Existing Sites To Wix

  • Website Guidance, Consulting, & Tutoring

Wix Velo Certified Developer
Wix Velo Development.webp

Wix Velo Development

  • Custom Site Functionalities

  • Content With Databases

  • Custom Input Forms

  • Third Party Services

  • Wix Velo Coding Guidance



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Search Engine Optimization

  • Initial Site SEO Audit

  • Monthly Managed SEO Services

  • Minor SEO Updates

  • SEO Strategy Consulting

  • Analytical Implementations

Wix Partner
Small Business Software.webp

Small Business Software

  • Customer Relations Management Software

  • Lead / Sales Software

  • Cloud-Based Phone Software

  • Finance / Accounting Software

  • Team Communications Software

Wix Velo Code Examples.webp
  • Wix Velo Tutorials

  • Pre-Packaged Code Snippets

  • Custom Video Walkthrough Guides

  • Coding Guidance Is Always Free!

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